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Our drive to achieve our goals has led us to implement three projects in the poorest and most marginalised districts in Sierra Leone - a country with has occupied the bottom of development indices for several decades now. Koinadugu and Falaba Districts also known as "The Twin Districts" are situated at the Northern Province of Sierra Leone and can be found at the top of the country's map. Despite their fame for agricultural prowess and the major producers of all agricultural products in the country especially fruits and vegetables, entrenched poverty, hunger, food insecurity and inequality have been the norm for the inhabitants of this region since independence in 1961.  CARD-HR believes that successful transformation of the lives and living standards of these communities from abject poverty and hopelessness to absolute social and economic independence and prosperity through our community-led industrial development and entrepreneurial schemes will be a catalyst for the emancipation of other regions in Sierra Leone, in the sub-region and to a wider extent in the continent and beyond.   Our two years continuous engagement with the stakeholders in the region resulted in the birth of the following three projects currently being implemented in the region:

  1. Bendukura Integrated Agri-Business Centre;
  2. Tiyadeh 30 Girls Empowerment Peanut Butter Industry Project; and
  3. Centre for Industrial and Entrepreneurial Development.

Prior to the birth of these triplets CARD-HR and Stakeholders of Koinadugu and Falaba Districts (We) had a five-day conference which resulted in the signing of a Multi-Stakeholders Partnership for Development in Koinadugu and Falaba Districts Agreement (The M-PAD Agreement). This Agreement which brought together eleven key stakeholder groups including the 23 Paramount Chiefs in the region established the M-PAD - a non-governmental regional institution purposefully designed to promote sustainable development in the region. The M-PAD Agreement is further supported and strengthened by a Development Trust Fund and Dispute Resolution System Agreements.  Details of these Agreements and the three projects listed above can be found on the "About Us" tab above.



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Empowering Women, eradicating poverty and hunger is our raison d'être or our purpose for existing. While we acknowledge that there are numerous organisations out there with similar aims and objectives, we believe that our community-led approach which allows the beneficial communities to be fully involved in the design, planning, implementation, evaluation and expansion of projects geared towards their development, set us apart and make us unique. We know that every community have their strengths, weaknesses and resources but most of them lack the know-how and do not have the necessary tools to convert their weaknesses into strengths and opportunities and use these to maximise their outputs. We therefore work with them on a step-by-step basis in their journey towards social and economic independence and prosperity by providing them with the requisite tools, resources and guidance.